Company Profile

Y&R Group International is a consulting firm providing owners/developers specialized skills in planning, designing and constructing facilities for the twenty-first century. Design and construction for the next century require skills and techniques not known a few years ago, as well as products that have the flexibility to accept evolving state-of-the art concepts.

Owners and Developers often lack the total necessary in-house expertise to carry out all phases of today's sophisticated design and construction process. While they are equipped to evaluate property potential, future tenant needs, and financing alternatives, there is still a gap that Y&R Group International is eminently qualified to fill. Simply stated, this knowledge will guide any Owner in converting his dream into reality on budget and on schedule.

Y&R Group International principals have over 65 years combined experience in commercial construction and have participated in the development of some of the most sophisticated buildings of the last ten years including the JP Morgan World Headquarters on Wall Street and the US Internal Revenue Service Headquarters in New Carrollton, Maryland. The principals have also worked on projects in England, Switzerland, Mexico, Argentina and Puerto Rico. A complete list is enclosed.

Y&R Group International performs services starting at the concept stage and continuing through Planning, Design, Bidding and Construction, and assisting through occupancy, if requested. This process uses sophisticated computer programs in conjunction with the Owner's architects, other consultants and contractors. The Owner receives periodic reports in conjunction with oral reviews and presentations. The status of design, construction and costs is always available and the possibility of unforeseen surprises is minimized. Both principals will participate in every project.

Each project team is tailored for that project and may include specialized consultants such as in the disciplines of zoning, environmental impacts, hazardous material abatement, relocation strategies, etc.





"Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality of service in addressing the clients needs"