Typical Tasks

I. Pre-Construction/Planning & Design

  1. Assist in Architect/Consultant selection.
  2. Help develop Project programs.
  3. Assist in cost and budget development.
  4. Review project costs submitted by Architect/Consultants.
  5. Review preliminary construction schedules.
  6. Review, with others, construction documents at agreed phases of completion.
  7. Provide advice on coordinating the efforts of the project team.
  8. Advise concerning possible cost savings using alternative methods and materials.
  9. Attend all job coordination meetings

II. Pre-Construction/Construction Bidding

  1. Advise Owner on criteria for contractor qualifications.
  2. Advise Owner regarding scope and adequacy of bid documents.
  3. Advise Owner on selection of bidders.
  4. Attend all pre-bid conferences.
  5. Attend bid openings and provide advice when requested on evaluating bids.
  6. Review and update budgets and schedules.
  7. Review payment requisitions for all consultants.

III. Construction

  1. Attend progress meetings attended by Owners contractors, architects, consultants and others as required.
  2. Review status of construction schedule and budget.
  3. Recommend changes to the schedule or budget as required.
  4. Provide periodic representation at construction site.
  5. Review payment requisitions from contractor and architect if requested.
  6. Accompany Project Team in all inspections.
  7. Advise Owner regarding claims by Contractor.
  8. Advise Owner of any deficiencies in the work, where work is behind schedule or when the actual costs are forecast to exceed the Construction Budget .

IV. Occupancy (Optional)

  1. Coordinate building occupant migration plans, including communications installation.
  2. Review furniture purchases, deliveries and installation.
  3. Coordinate final move





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