Venator Group


Venator Group is the former Woolworth Corporation which built and has owned the corporate headquarters Woolworth building since its construction in 1910. It is a landmark building, being the tallest building in New York until completion of the Empire State Building. 

As part of a new corporate image they made the decision to sell the building, consolidating the headquarters on four floors and relocating the remainder of the facilities to midtown New York. The first phase of the project involved the creation of a new image for the corporate headquarters.

The main design concept was the contrast of the old versus the new, which reflects their corporate history. The second phase of the project consisted of the relocation of the Foot Lockers division to Midtown, within the garment district. This involved the renovation of an existing warehouse building into retail and office space. The third phase was the relocation of the Afterthougths division, next door to the Foot Lockers.




Venator Group



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